Press Coverage

  • Film Ireland

    Strong performances from the two female leads and solid work from the two directors shows an assured confidence from the cast and crew toward the project.


    Shot with a predominantly female team, the opposite of the norm in most productions. The movie looks set to go places that not many Irish films have gone before.

  • Scannain

    The Richard Harris International Film Festival in association with Belltable, Limerick will host an event, Homecoming from Cannes – Irish Women in Film, on Friday June 2nd at 8pm in the Belltable. The event will screen 5 highly acclaimed award-winning short films by Irish film-makers.

  • No More Workhorse

    This is not a play for the faint hearted. It is another contribution to the lexicon of what constitutes evil. (...) A play well worth a visit but it does not make for easy viewing.

  • Rabble

    The Betrayal is a thriller addressing issues of domestic violence and digital abuse that is currently crowdfunding to complete its final phase of production. Mog Kavanagh caught up with the directors Kamila Dydna and Natasha Waugh to ask them a few questions about it.