• Film Ireland

    Irish Short Film Review: Debutante

    One of the most powerful short films I have seen in some time, Debutante is a moving tribute to the vision and dedication of writer, director, and producer, Kamila Dydyna. With heartrending and touchingly believable performances from both lead roles, Meg (Una O Brien) and Sam (Richard Neville), it tells the story of a young couple balancing personal happiness when their feelings are set in opposition to their religious beliefs.

  • Film Ireland

    2021 Galway Film Fleadh Filmmakers’ Roundtable

    In this Film Ireland podcast Gemma Creagh talks to filmmakers Annika Cassidy, Diarmuid Donohoe and Kamila Dydyna whose short films are screening at this year’s Galway Film Fleadh (20-25 July).

  • 2FM

    Louise McSharry Interview on 2FM

    Kamila joined Jehovah's Witnesses at 7 years old and then left when she was 25. Kamila talks to Louise about her journey through the religion and navigating it with her own personal life.

  • RTÉ Radio 1

    Interview on The Ryan Tubridy Show

    Kamila Dydyna is a Polish actress and filmmaker and she joined Ryan in studio to talk about losing her religion and finding a new identity in Ireland.

  • The Irish Times

    The Irish Times Interview – Leaving Jehovah’s Witnesses & Debutante Short Film

  • The Irish Times

    The Betrayal on Irish Times List of The Week’s Best TV Shows

    Polish actor Kamila Dydyna co-produces, co-directs, scripts and stars in this 26-minute Irish LGBT drama from 2016. She plays Nel, who grapples with feelings for her best friend as her husband’s insecurities erupt into violence. Miriam Devitt and Mark McAuley costar.

  • Film Ireland

    Film Ireland Review: The Betrayal

    Strong performances from the two female leads and solid work from the two directors shows an assured confidence from the cast and crew toward the project.

  • Scannain

    #Event: Women in Film Screening at Belltable, Limerick on June 2nd

    The Richard Harris International Film Festival in association with Belltable, Limerick will host an event, Homecoming from Cannes – Irish Women in Film, on Friday June 2nd at 8pm in the Belltable. The event will screen 5 highly acclaimed award-winning short films by Irish film-makers.

  • No More Workhorse

    “Normal” – Review

    This is not a play for the faint hearted. It is another contribution to the lexicon of what constitutes evil. (...) A play well worth a visit but it does not make for easy viewing.

  • Rabble

    Behind The Betrayal

    The Betrayal is a thriller addressing issues of domestic violence and digital abuse that is currently crowdfunding to complete its final phase of production. Mog Kavanagh caught up with the directors Kamila Dydna and Natasha Waugh to ask them a few questions about it.

  • Film Ireland

    ‘The Betrayal’ Partners with DCU-based Sexuality Studies research group & D-Light Studios Dublin

  • EILE Magazine

    Irish Short The Betrayal Announces Partnership With DCU-based Sexuality Studies Researchers & D-Light Studios Dublin

    The Betrayal, upcoming thriller on social and gender issues, is pleased to announce its two new partners: D-Light Studios Dublin, and DCU-based Sexuality Studies research group.

  • Gearr Scannain


    Irish short film The Betrayal, an upcoming thriller on social and gender issues, has announced two new partners: D-Light Studios Dublin and DCU-based Sexuality Studies research group.

  • EILE Magazine

    Kamila Dydyna’s New Film: The Betrayal

  • Her.ie

    An Irish Film Made By Women Addresses The Real Dangers in Society Today

    The Betrayal is a new Irish short film written, directed and shot by women. It focuses on subjects relevant to women today: domestic abuse, revenge porn and sexual identity issues.

  • Headstuff.org

    The Betrayal | A Short Film about Revenge Porn, Domestic Violence & Sexual Identity

    Women have a lot to deal with. Domestic abuse. Misogyny. Sexual assault. Unequal career opportunities. Gendered violence. And in 2016, Irish women in particular, can also add the following things to the above list. A lack of bodily autonomy. The threat of revenge porn. The prevalence of rape culture. As the general election draws ever closer, these issues are being debated back and forth by politicians and the public alike, as they struggle to tackle the gendered prejudices active in society, and the fight for equality continues.

  • EILE Magazine

    Irish LGBT Film ‘The Betrayal’ Indiegogo Campaign And Video

    THE BETRAYAL, a new female-driven short film from writer / director Kamila Dydyna, looks set to go places that not many Irish films have gone before. The LGBT drama / thriller from the pen of Polish-born Dydyna touches on adult themes such as sexual identity, domestic violence, and revenge porn within the story of a marriage break-up.

  • Gearr Scannain


    The Betrayal, a short Irish LGBT thriller, directed by Kamila Dydyna and Natasha Waugh, started filming in Dublin last weekend.

  • Gearr Scannain


    Currently funding on IndieGoGo is The Betrayal, a new female-driven short film from writer/director Kamila Dydyna.

  • Film Ireland

    In Production: Irish LGBT Thriller on Sexual Identity

    The main cast features Mark McAuley (Vikings, Saol) and Miriam Devitt (Running Commentary, Food Fight) and Kamila Dydyna. A male partner’s jealous and violent reactions in an unravelling relationship are the catalyst of The Betrayal’s plotline in which a new romantic possibility leads to danger.

  • Bath Film Festival Blog

    IMDb Awards & Testimony Review – Bath Film Festival Blog

    This year short film fans and makers gathered in Bath’s Komedia, around red clothed tables for a decidedly ramped up awards. Not only were we treated to nibbles and drinks on our candlelit tables, but our master of ceremonies was none other than Laura Rawlings from the BBC. (...) another incredibly cinematic piece from a director so early in their career. Production values are sky high in this emotional short from director Kamila Dydyna (...) Superbly acted."

  • Bath Film Festival

    IMDb New Filmmaker Award 2015 Shortlist

    We are delighted to announce the shortlist for this year’s Bath Film Festival and IMDb New Filmmaker Award. The confirmed judges so far are Col Needham – CEO of IMDb – and director Otto Bathurst (Peaky Blinders etc.) with others to join the panel soon.

  • One Film Fan

    Short Film Review “Testimony”

    Director/writer/producer Kamila Dydyna excels in her very first effort by giving us this based on a true story short film that delivers via straight-forward execution, stark cinematography, condensed yet evocative drama, and a willingness to shine a necessary light on its harsh subject matter and the real effect it has on those involved.

  • Film Ireland

    ‘Testimony’ Secures a License Deal With US ShortsHD™ Network

    Following its selection to New York City Independent Film Festival, Irish short Testimony was picked up by US Channel ShortsHD™ for a 3-year license deal.

  • Film Ireland

    ‘Testimony’ in Post-Production

    Testimony is a hard-hitting drama, inspired by true events that took place in Poland in 1991. Adapted as an Irish story, with all-Irish award-winning cast and crew, the film was shot in late February and is currently in post-production.

  • Irish Film & Television Network

    Shorts Round-Up

    ‘Testimony’ is now crowdfunding to raise post-production funds. More details, including fragments of the film, can be found at http://igg.me/at/testimony.

  • Gearr Scannain


    Currently funding on IndieGoGo is Testimony, the debut short film from writer/director Kamila Dydyna. The film is based on true events which took place in Poland in 1991 and has been adapted for an Irish audience...

  • Gearr Scannain


    Principal photography begins today (February 20th) on Testimony, the debut short film from writer/director Kamila Dydyna.

  • Scannain.com


    Testimony is based on true events which took place in Poland in 1991 and has been adapted for an Irish audience as European courts acted similarly. The film revolves around 9 year old Catherine O’Neill, played by Olivia Daly (Why Guy and Clue Crew on RTEJnr), and is a courtroom based drama.

  • Bristol Media

    Feather-Light and Paper-Thin: The Wave of Independent Web-Series Inspire a New Generation of Filmmakers in Bristol

    Feather-Light and Paper-Thin is a gripping 6-part crime drama set in Bristol. Shot in 2014, comprising of a mainly Bristol-based cast and crew, this exciting show is set in an unusual 20-minute-per-episode webseries format.

  • Film Ireland

    Filming Wraps On ‘Positive Discrimination’

    Irish writer and director Charlo Johnson has completed filming on his first short film Positive Discrimination. Positive Discrimination, which was shot in Dublin’s inner city, is an intense drama that centres on Tanya, a college student struggling to pay her tuition fees, who receives advice from the most unlikely of sources: an elderly gentleman who has an unconventional perspective on life.