There aren’t many sci-fi comedy shorts made in Ireland and so I was delighted to work as production Manager with the team behind “Rip to the Rescue“. The film was funded by Kildare County Council, written by Cian McGarrigle, directed by Paudie Baggott and produced by Sarah Barr.

LA actor Ryan Stanger as Rip


We shot over 5 days in October in Kildare, and had to deal with the Hurricane Ophelia, forcing us to cancel one of the shooting days. The team behind the film are currently crowdfunding to cover additional costs caused by the hurricane.

Starring Ryan Stanger (Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Conan), Rose Henderson (Father Ted, Penny Dreadful), and Clare Monnelly (Moone Boy, Nowhere Fast) the film pits an all-American Hero against an all-knowing Irish Mammy. Sure he’s got a laser gun but she’s got the wooden spoon. Civilisation might have crumbled but Mammy still knows best and god help anyone who thinks otherwise.

Rose Henderson as the Mammy


Support the film’s post-production if you can – the crowdfunding campaign runs until 14 November 2017.


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