I’m currently performing with Restless Ecstasy Theatre Company in Anthony Neilson’s “Normal”. The play runs every night at 8pm until November 5th in the Smock Alley Theatre (Boys School).

Tickets:  smockalley.com/normal

From the play’s press release:

Anthony Neilson’s visceral psychodrama “Normal” receives its Dublin premiere at the Smock Alley Boys School theatre in October 2016. Recounting the story of Peter Kurten, the infamous “Vampire of Dusseldorf” through the eyes of his naive, idealistic young defence attorney Justus Wehner, “Normal” is a harrowing thrill-ride through the mind of a maniac; where reality, morality, fact and fantasy blur into an hallucinatory landscape of deranged logic and psychotic impulses.

Credited with initiating the “In-Yer-Face” movement of British playwriting in the 1990’s, “Normal” confronts the dark side of human nature, investigates the degrading effects of privation and family breakdown on contemporary society, and asks us to consider the question: what makes a man into a monster?”

Directed by Owen Lindsay

Sound & Lights: Bill Woodland

Stage Manager: Cairin McIlkenny

With Shane English as Justus Wehner & Michael O’Flaherty as Peter Kurten.

Photography: Rafal Kostrzewa

As Frau Kurten in "Normal", with Michael O'Flaherty Photo: Rafal Kostrzewa
As Frau Kurten in “Normal”, with Michael O’Flaherty
Photo: Rafal Kostrzewa


Review by Nomoreworkhorse: click here.

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