I came to Ireland in May 2007. I was 26, a recent university graduate, with all of €500 in my pocket, drawn here by Mel Gibson’s Braveheart (no joke.) I knew the film was largely shot in Ireland – upon watching it, all in tears at the drama and the romance, I decided Ireland was the most beautiful country in the world and that I wanted to live here.

At the time, I was on my way out – in my heart and mind – of the Jehovah’s Witnesses organisation, a religion I had been deeply rooted in since I was ten years old.

Jehovah’s Witnesses practice shunning of their former members, and so it was easier to leave as nobody here knew me as a JW. I was able to build a network of friends and a decent corporate career without the experience of former JW friends crossing the street when they saw me.

In late 2014, I left my corporate career with a professional burnout and threw myself into making of my first short film Testimony. I had no background as a filmmaker but the desire to tell stories through film was overwhelming and so I followed it.

To my delight, Testimony, exploring the subject of domestic violence, was picked up by Irish national TV broadcaster RTE and nominated by multiple awards in festivals in Ireland, Australia, UK and USA.

A year later, my second film, an LGBT drama The Betrayal, featuring music by Nick Cave & Warren Ellis, was also broadcast by Irish TV and screened in festivals in Ireland and Canada.

During the making of those two films, I built a network of contacts in the film industry. One thing led to another, and today I’m grateful to have a fairly sustainable career as production freelancer on drama, documentaries and commercials.

I’m also an actress (recent performances include Superintendent in “My Name Is Language” (Dublin Theatre Festival 2018) and Frau Kurten in “Normal” by Restless Ecstasy Theatre Company.)

I feel very lucky about the life I built in Dublin and it’s very much my home now. Stay tuned for my new short film Debutante. Details coming soon 🙂

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